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Without fail – I always ask these questions before finalizing the sale of a 40′ container:

  • Is the opening to the property a minimum of 12′ wide?
  • Will the semi-truck/trailer have a minimum of 110′ pullout (or can the driver just back in – unload the container – and then pull out without having to make any sharp turns?)
  • How should container be loaded on trailer – doors facing cab of truck or rear of trailer?
  • A last minute change of mind when the driver arrives could be very costly!
  • Are there any obstacles that could prevent access to the property (trees, fences, irrigation ditches, power lines?)
  • Do you understand the container will be rolled off the back of the 40′ trailer directly on to the ground?
  • Are there any rough dirt roads/sharp curves/steep hills/creeks to cross that could impact how fast the driver can travel?
  • If yes the delivery charge could end up being a lot more than expected – the original quote is based on normal road and driving conditions
  • Are there plans to load the empty container @ one address then have it moved to another drop point at a later date?
  • If yes be advised the cost for the 2nd move is going to be considerably more than the 1st because a crane or heavy duty fork lift will have to be on site at the same time as the semi-truck to lift the loaded container from the ground on to the trailer for the 2nd move.

I ask these questions because I want every customer to have a positive experience from the date of purchase to the day of delivery. The last thing anyone wants is for the semi truck/trailer to arrive at a drop point that is impossible to access. That’s a road no one wants to travel down!



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