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Find dependable, well-maintained fleet trucks for sale.


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Reliably Maintained Fleet Trucks

Trucks you can trust, upheld to the highest standards.

Purchase with confidence from our fleet, known for reliable maintenance and top performance. Each truck is meticulously cared for, meeting the highest quality and durability standards. Invest in a vehicle that’s been through rigorous maintenance, ready to bolster your business.

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A Trusted Source for Used Semi Trucks

Family-Owned Fleet Maintained Trucks

Our family-owned fleet is meticulously maintained by a team that values longevity and performance above all. Each truck in our collection has been cared for with precision, ensuring that what you drive off the lot isn’t just another truck, but a testament to our commitment to excellence. Trust in our heritage of keeping trucks in prime condition, ready to serve your business without hesitation.

Various Financing Options

Understanding that each business’s financial situation is unique, DSL offers a variety of financing options designed to accommodate all credit levels. Whether you’re establishing credit or rebuilding it, our flexible financing solutions ensure that you can secure the truck you need without undue stress. Our team is here to guide you through the financing process, providing transparent advice and options that best suit your financial strategy. Let us help you drive away with the right truck, under terms that propel your business forward.

We Work Great with Start-Ups

At DSL, we believe in the power of new beginnings and the innovative spirit of start-ups. Our supportive approach provides more than just trucks; it offers a partnership to help grow your burgeoning business. From understanding the unique challenges faced by start-ups to offering tailored advice and solutions, we’re here to ensure your logistics foundation is solid from the start. Partner with DSL, and let’s navigate the road to success together, with resources and support designed to elevate your start-up.

All Units Equipped with Diesel APU

In our commitment to efficiency and sustainability, all DSL trucks come equipped with Diesel Auxiliary Power Units (APU), ensuring that you can maximize fuel efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. This feature not only supports your operational goals but also aligns with the growing need for eco-friendly transport solutions. Experience the difference in operational cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint with our APU-equipped trucks, a standard that sets us apart in the pursuit of greener logistics.

Low Mileage/Engine Hour Trucks

Selecting a truck from DSL means prioritizing longevity and value. Our low mileage/engine hour trucks offer like-new performance without the new truck price tag. This selection is ideal for businesses seeking reliable, high-quality vehicles that promise years of dependable service. Benefit from our rigorous maintenance standards and choose a truck that’s ready to meet the demands of your operations from day one, ensuring your investment today continues to pay off tomorrow.

Comprehensive Warranty Programs

With DSL’s comprehensive warranty programs, peace of mind comes standard. We stand behind the quality of our trucks, offering extended coverage that protects your investment long after the sale. Our warranty options are designed to provide security and confidence, covering a range of potential issues to ensure your operations run smoothly. Choose DSL, and take advantage of warranty programs that reflect our confidence in our trucks and our commitment to your business’s uninterrupted success.

“Amazing trucks sales team always working to get you your best deal and to help you out. Amazing staff inside the office quickly helping you out to get you the information you need and quickly resolve any issues!”
Hugo Garcia – Private Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DSL ensure the quality of used trucks?

Each truck in our fleet undergoes a rigorous inspection and maintenance routine conducted by expert technicians. We guarantee the highest quality by adhering to strict standards and using only genuine parts for any needed repairs.

Are there options to see the trucks in person before purchasing?

Yes, we welcome potential buyers to visit our facility and personally inspect the trucks. We believe in transparency and want you to feel confident in your purchase. Schedule a visit with us to see the quality of our trucks firsthand.

What post-purchase support does DSL offer?

Our relationship with buyers doesn’t end at the sale. We offer ongoing support, including maintenance advice, parts sourcing, and warranty service, to ensure your truck remains in top condition for its entire service life with you.

Can DSL assist with truck registration and compliance issues?

Definitely. We understand the complexities of truck registration and compliance, especially for start-ups and new businesses. Our team can provide guidance and assistance to ensure your truck meets all regulatory requirements.

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