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The efficient movement of shipping containers around the world is critical for keeping international trade humming. When you think of global cargo shipping, you might picture large container ships floating across the sea or railroad trains chugging along the countryside. But have you ever thought about how the containers got onto those vessels in the first place?

That’s when container drayage services come into the picture. Drayage services make it possible for supply chains to seamlessly transfer intermodal shipping containers from one transportation mode to the next, speeding the global shipping process.

Here, we’ll discuss what container drayage services are, their benefits, and the essential part they play in international trade.

What Are Container Drayage Services?

Container drayage services use special equipment to transfer freight shipping containers short distances. If your container arrives by ship, for example, drayage services take over the short leg of its journey to its next destination, which may be a rail hub, warehouse, or another terminal for processing and distribution.

Container drayage shipping services can be short-haul or interfacility. Short-haul drayage services focus on deliveries within a local geographic or metropolitan area, while interfacility drayage services keep containers moving through different locations and carriers.

What Role Do Container Drayage Services Play in the Global Economy?

Drayage services are required to facilitate international trade. Without them, companies would have no way to connect ports to domestic distribution networks on the front end or back end of the shipping process.

Drayage services don’t just help with transportation – they also assist with port operations. These services are responsible for moving containers in and out of the ports in a timely manner, which keeps ports from overcrowding and shipments from being delayed.

Types of Container Drayage Services

Depending on the container’s origin and destination, there are a few types of drayage transportation services available, including the following.

Pier Drayage Services

Pier drayage services help transport goods from rail yards, trucks, or a container freight station to a port. These drayage services have significantly eased the task of transferring shipping containers overseas. If your shipment involves ocean freight, you’ll likely need to employ pier drayage to transport your goods to a dock or pier.

Inter-Carrier Drayage Services

Inter-carrier drayage services help move containers between intermodal carriers, such as railways and cargo ships that are operated by different companies. This helps to fill gaps within intermodal transportation.

Intra-Carrier Drayage Services

Intra-carrier drayage services move goods between shipping hubs owned by the same carrier system. This typically means transferring the container between different modes of transportation or from one storage facility to another in the company’s network.

Expedited Drayage Services

Companies use expedited drayage services when they’re managing time-sensitive deliveries and need service quickly. This container drayage service is commonly used by companies that offer same-day shipping.

Shuttle Drayage Services

Sometimes ports or origin hubs become crowded. When this happens, companies may rely on shuttle drayage services to take the container unit to a temporary stopping point until it can move forward.

Door-to-Door Drayage Services

As the name implies, door-to-door drayage services deliver a container directly to a customer instead of a warehouse or storage facility. This offers additional convenience to the customer, who won’t need to go pick up the items they ordered.

Benefits of Using Container Drayage Services in International Trade

By nature, container drayage services come with benefits that help improve the global economy. Here are some of the top perks.

Improved Efficiency

Drayage services minimize delays in the supply chain to ensure smoother logistics by reducing congestion at ports and terminals. This helps the shipping process to move more quickly and smoothly throughout the container’s entire journey.

Cost Savings

Because drayage services focus on short-haul transportation, they’re often less expensive than other container transportation options like container rentals, intermodal chassis, and planes. They’re also quicker, which saves businesses money in the form of time. Experienced container drayage service providers will optimize the route between destinations to reduce overall transportation costs.

Greater Visibility

Drayage services provide tracking capabilities that allow businesses to monitor the real-time status and location of their shipments. With this enhanced visibility into the movement of their cargo, they can make more informed business decisions.

Expert Knowledge

Because their companies depend on it, drayage service providers are experts at navigating the complexities and compliance requirements of ports. This can be especially helpful for companies that are shipping refrigerated containers or oversized cargo, as it helps them reduce possible risks associated with port operations.

Flexible Solutions

Certain intermodal equipment used by drayage services can adapt to different container shapes and sizes. This provides businesses with the flexibility they need to transport all kinds of international freight.

The Country’s Premier Container Drayage Services Provider

International shipping can feel daunting, especially for companies that are still nailing down their supply chain logistics or need to change operations. Container drayage services take the headaches out of getting containers to and from their vessels in a way that’s safe, secure, and compliant.

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